How Pinterest Has Captured The Imagination Of The Masses

Social sites have become massively popular over the last several years, starting with MySpace, then Facebook, Twitter and a whole host of sites with similar ideals. The rise in availability of the Internet has helped such sites take off to a stage where for many people, Facebook and Twitter are a regular part of daily life.

Pinterest is a site that has really taken off, capturing the imagination of the masses in 2012, where it was the fastest growing site in the USA early in the year, capturing millions of users.

The general principle of the site is that you “pin” pictures to the site in albums. This allows you to share pictures with other people who can then share it with their friends. This has proved very popular with millions of people sharing pictures here. Internet marketers soon realized this was a massive source of traffic and started to tap in to the popularity of the site.

When it comes to sharing pictures here you do need to be careful because with the rise of the Internet, people are becoming more and more careful about protecting their copyright. This means that if you post pictures that you don’t own the copyright to then you run the risk of being liable for any copyright infringement law suit. The terms of Pinterest state quite clearly that the person who pins the picture is responsible for any copyright issues, not them.

Pinterest has captured a very loyal audience who love the site very much. As such, if you join the site them you can find it to be a great way to not only promote your brand but also to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche and to get traffic to your websites. You can learn a lot more on how to use Pinterest with Pinterest Perfection

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Internet Marketers And Pinterest

Pinterest, being a hot new site with a lot of users, has captured the interest of Internet marketers across the globe because they realize that this could be a potentially powerful source of free traffic and a way to connect to potential customers.

The question you might be asking is how can you generate traffic by sharing pictures? Learn how with Pinterest Perfection

The answer is that you can do so by using the site as a real person. Because you can only share pictures, it is harder to market because you can’t use words and sell in a traditional method. The key with Pinterest is to not try and sell. Marketing here is not about selling but about raising awareness and funneling traffic to your website, where you can make the sale.

When it comes to adding pictures, you need to make sure that they are not sales and full of hyper, that really doesn’t work well on Pinterest. If you can add funny or cute pictures that tends to work very well, as can product pictures. However, you need to have a balance between product and non product pictures so that it doesn’t look like your account is just to sell to people.

Portrait style photo’s tend to work better than landscape ones for some reason, and you need to consider that the majority of users of Pinterest are women, mostly in the under 40 age bracket. This will help you understand what will work on Pinterest. Knowing this is the majority of people on this site, then you can target what you are promoting based on this knowledge.

Marketing on Pinterest does work very well if you take a softly softly approach. Through this method you can build relationships with your target market and start establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. You can then funnel people through to your websites where you sell them your product. To get Your copy of Pinterest Perfection just Click here!

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